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Rest Haven Care Home had its beginnings in 1946 with six residents in the home. The expanded Rest Haven will accommodate 143 residents in single suites with private bathrooms complete with showers, in homes of 12 residents each (one home will have 11 residents). Rest Haven is a private, non-profit, faith-based, personal care home licensed and funded by Manitoba Health Seniors and Active Living. It is owned and operated by eight area Evangelical Mennonite Conference member churches that each have a representative(s) on the Board. Rest Haven is attached to Woodhaven Manor.

Rest Haven is committed to providing long term care to the residents in a Christian environment. Many of our programs and spiritual services are geared for those of the Mennonite heritage. We also emphasize a “holistic” approach to care, which includes the physical, emotional, social, spiritual and intellectual needs of each resident regardless of age, race or religion. Rest Haven is committed to providing care with dignity and respect. This care extends to the residents’ families and social communities who are encouraged to participate in the life of the home.

In addition to nursing and medical services, our care services include social work, recreation, chaplaincy and volunteer services. Rest Haven has a full Daily Life program schedule supported by many volunteers who work towards improving the quality of life for our residents.

We provide complete food services, including an on-site kitchen, and pride ourselves on homemade cooking that caters to the Mennonite heritage.

For more information contact Rest Haven Care Home at 204 326 2206


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