About Us


HavenGroup provides housing and personal care services in Christ-centred communities that protect the sacredness and dignity of older and vulnerable persons in an environment of comfort, purpose, and hope.


HavenGroup will be a choice provider of facilities and services, an employer of excellence that prepares itself for growth to meet changing needs of older and vulnerable persons in Steinbach and area.          


  • We value a POSITIVE CULTURE…safe community, human sacredness and dignity, and servant leadership.
  • We value a COLLABORATIVE TEAM…respect, honesty, transparent accountability, and ethics within faith distinctives.
  • We value EMBRACING IMPROVEMENT…collaboration, evidenced informed stewardship, and intentional communication.



  • Chair: Lloyd Plett
  • Vice Chair: Ron Plett
  • Secretary: Don Fast
  • Directors: Barb Klassen, John Reimer, Henry Nickel, Elden Penner, Vi Peters, Emery Plett, Maryann Plett
  • CEO: David Driedger



In 1946 the Evangelical Mennonite Conference (then the Kleingemeinde) made a decision to purchase the Invalidenheim (Invalid Home) then owned by Maria Vogt on Hanover Street in Steinbach, Manitoba to serve the needs of aging members within their conference. The property was purchased for $10,000 including inventory and the Mennonite Old Folks Home


opened on March 1, 1946 with six residents. The name was later changed to Mennonite Invalid Home. This home was originally to be a church effort of the five districts of the EMC conference at that time. It was to be considered a work of the church…not a business. The five districts were:


Steinbach – represented by C. T. Loewen

Blumenort – represented by John R. Toews

Prairie Rose – represented by Rev. Frank D. Reimer

Kleefeld – Peter A. Unrau

Morris – Gerhard Bartel and Henry R. Friesen (West Reserve representatives)


In 1960 a new home for 66 residents was built on Kroeker St. and at that time the name changed to Rest Haven Nursing Home. Based on a need for seniors housing, several apartment buildings were built on the same property as Rest Haven Nursing Home. In 1965 Ashwood Apartments (12 apartments) were built. In 1967 Birchwood Apartments (also 12 apartments) were built, and in 1970 Cedarwood Apartments (containing 30 apartments) were built. The Kroeker St. nursing home required significant renovation by the early 80’s, so a decision was made to build a new building on Friesen St., which opened on September 24, 1984. The dedication service was held November 18, 1984. The old nursing home on Kroeker St was converted to a 24-suite apartment building in 1985 and is now known as Parkview Apartments of Steinbach. In 1995 construction of Woodhaven Manor Phase 1 was completed and in 1997 Phase II was completed. Total building capacity was 66 life lease units and 20 rent-geared-to-income units. This building is attached to Rest Haven Nursing Home on Woodhaven Ave (formerly Friesen Street). Realizing the need to develop additional resources beyond what government and resident/tenant fees provided, a separate entity originally known as Rest Haven Foundation Inc. was born in 1996 as a means of accepting and receipting donations. In October 2006 the foundation was renamed HavenGroup Foundation (2006) Inc.